Khadga dynasty

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Khadga dynasty

625 CE–After 716 CE
CapitalKarmanta Vasaka
• 625-640
Khadgodyama (first)
• 716-?
Udirnakhadga (last)
Historical eraClassical period
• Established
625 CE
• Disestablished
After 716 CE
Succeeded by
Deva dynasty
Today part of Bangladesh

The Khadga dynasty (Sanskrit: খড়্গ/খড়গ বংশ) was a dynasty which ruled the areas of Vanga and Samatata in Bengal from the mid 7th to early 8th Century CE.[1] Chronologically, the dynasty emerged as a powerful kingdom between the fall of Gauda Kingdom and the rise of the Pala Empire. Their ascendancy may have been immediately preceded by the overthrow of a previously ruling Bhadra dynasty.[2] While they did not assume imperial titles, the Khadgas retained sovereignty over the ancient kingdom of Vanga and later conquered Samatata.[3]

List of rulers[edit]

Titular Name Reign Notes
Khadgodyama (খড়্গদ্যোম) 625-640 Father of Jatakhadga
Jatakhadga (জাতখড়্গ) 640-658 Father of Devakhadga
Devakhadga (দেবখড়্গ) 658-673 Queen Prabhavati (প্রভাবতী)
Rajabhatta (রাজভট্ট) 673-707 Son of Devakhadga
Balabhata (বলভট্ট) 707-716 Son of Devakhadga
Udirnakhadga (উদীর্ণখড়্গ) ??


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