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PronunciationArabic: [xaˈdiːdʒa]
Egyptian Arabic: [xæˈdiːɡɑ]
Word/nameFrom Khadija bint Khuwaylid, first wife of Muhammad
MeaningEarly Baby Girl[1]
Region of originArabia
Other names
Related namesKhadijah, Khadeeja, Khatija, Khatijah, Katijah, Khadeejah, Hadja, Hadia, Hatice,[2] Tijah[3]

Khadija, Khadeeja or Khadijah (Arabic: خديجة‎, romanizedKhadīja) is an Arabic feminine given name, the name of Khadija bint Khuwaylid, first wife of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. Khadija is one of the three most popular Arabic female names in the Muslim world, Together with Fatima, and Aisha.[4] Hatice is the Turkish equivalent.[2]

Other notable people with the name Khadija include:

Historical figures[edit]

Living people[edit]

Fictional people[edit]



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