Khadija Benguenna

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Khadija Benguenna
خديجة بن قنة
Born 1965
in  Algeria
Residence Doha - Qatar
Nationality Franco-algerian
Occupation Journalist - Presenter

Khadija Benguenna (in Arabic: خديجة بن قنة‎) is an Algerian journalist working in the Al Jazeera chanel in Qatar.[1] Born in Algeria in 1965, Khadija Benguenna graduated from the radio and television section of the Media Institute at the University of Algiers.[2]

She received the award from Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland at Burj al-Arab Hotel in Dubai, and this is a prize that reflects the important role played by women in the Al Jazeera media channel in all areas of editorial work, technical and field.[3][4]