Khagaria (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

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Vidhan Sabha constituency
Khagaria is located in Bihar
Location in Bihar
Coordinates: 25°30′22″N 86°28′16″E / 25.50611°N 86.47111°E / 25.50611; 86.47111Coordinates: 25°30′22″N 86°28′16″E / 25.50611°N 86.47111°E / 25.50611; 86.47111
Country  India
State Bihar
District Khagaria
Constituency No. 149
Type Open
Lok Sabha constituency 25. Khagaria

Khagaria (Vidhan Sabha constituency) (Hindi: खगड़िया विधान सभा निर्वाचन क्षेत्र) is an assembly constituency in Khagaria district in the Indian state of Bihar. In Bihar Legislative Assembly election, 2015, Khagaria will be one of the 36 seats to have VVPAT enabled electronic voting machines.[1][2]


As per Delimitation of Parliamentary and Assembly constituencies Order, 2008, No. 149 Khagaria (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is composed of the following: Khagaria municipality; Mansi community development block; Bhadas Dakshini, Bhadas Uttari,Kasimpur, Mathurapur, Bachhouta, Sanhouli, Ranko, Sansarpur, Gourashakti, Marar Dakshni, Marar Uttari, Rasounk, Uttar Marar, Rahimpur Uttari, Rahimpur Madhya, Rahimpur Dakshin, Labhganva, Kothia gram panchayats of Khagaria CD Block.[3]

Khagaria (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is part of No. 25 Khagaria (Lok Sabha constituency).[3]

Election results[edit]


In the 2010 state assembly elections, Poonam Devi Yadav of JD(U) won the Khagaria seat defeating her nearest rival Sushila Devi of LJP. Contests in most years were multi cornered but only winners and runners are being mentioned. Poonam Devi (Yadav) representing JD(U) defeated Gita Yadav of CPI(M) in October 2005, and representing LJP defeated Chandramukhi Devi of BJP in February 2005. Yogendra Singh of CPI(M) defeated Chandramukhi Devi ofBJP in 2000. Chandramukhi Devi of BJP defeated Ranveer Yadav, Independent, in 1995. Ranveer Yadav, Independent, defeated Satyadeo Singh of Congress in 1990. Satyadeo Singh of Congress defeated Ram Sharan Yadav of Lok Dal in 1985. Ram Sharan Yaav of Janata Party (SC) defeated Krishna Chandar Verma of Congress (I) in 1980. Ram Sharan Yadav, Independent, defeated Ram Pravesh Prasad of CPI in 1977.[4][5]


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