Khairpur District

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Khairpur District
ضِلع خيرپُور
Khairpur District
Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
Established 1546
Headquarters Khairpur
 • Total 15,910 km2 (6,140 sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of Tehsils 8

Khairpur District (Urdu: ضِلع خيرپُور‎), (Sindhi: ضلعو خیر پور ‎), is a district in the Sindh province of Pakistan. The district has an area of 15,910 square km. and is headquartered at the city of Khairpur. It has 8 talukas, 76 Union councils, 11 towns, 6800 Villages and total population 1546587 (Male 810448 and Female Population 736139) according to (Census) 1998.[1]


Khairpur District is located in between middle and northern Sindh and is bounded on the north by Shikarpur and Sukkur, on the east by India, on the south by Sanghar and Nawabshah and on the west by Larkana , Naushahro Feroz and the Indus River.


According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, the district had a population of 2.2 million of which 27.00% was urban.[2] The average annual growth rate of the population is 2.71%. As per definition of Board of Revenue Sindh, a place of human habitation having at least ten houses is called a settlement.[citation needed] There are 1,709 rural settlements in the district having population of 200 to 1000+ people.[citation needed]

Following are the demographic indicators of the district as per the 1998 census of Pakistan:


The main institutions of Khairpur district are:

Universities of Khairpur Mirs

Colleges and Schools of Khairpur Mirs

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