Khakas Autonomous Oblast

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Khakas Autonomous Oblast
Хакасская автономная область (Russian)
Хакас автоном облазы (Khakas)
Autonomous oblast of the Russian SFSR
Capital Abakan
Government Autonomous Oblast
 •  Established 1930
 •  Disestablished 1991

The Khakas Autonomous Oblast (Russian: Хакасская автономная область; Khakas: Хакас автоном облазы), abbreviated as Khakas AO (Russian: Хакасская АО; Khakas: Хакас АО) or KhAO (Russian: ХАО; Khakas: ХАО), was part of the 1934 created Krasnoyarsk Krai within the Russian SFSR, Soviet Union.

Until 1991, Khakas Autonomous Oblast was administratively subordinated to Krasnoyarsk Krai. In July 1991, it was elevated in status to that of a Soviet socialist republic, and in February 1992 it became the Republic of Khakassia.