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Khaled Chehab (September 11, 1886–November 12, 1978) (in Arabic خالد شهاب) was a Lebanese politician and the 8th Prime Minister of Lebanon for two terms. The first was between 21 March 1938 until 1 November 1938 during the rule of President Émile Eddé during the French Mandate. He was also the first Prime Minister during the rule of President Camille Chamoun for the period 1 October 1952 to 30 April 1953.

A painting of Emir Khaled Chehab

He was also a Member of the Lebanese Parliament for six terms (ranging from 1922 to 1939) during the Mandate mostly representing the South. In 1960 he was elected MP for Marjayoun-Hasbaya Electoral district for a 4-year term during the administration of President Fuad Chehab.

Khaled Chehab took a number of ministerial positions at various times, including Finance Ministry (1927-1928), Justice Ministry (1938), Finance, Post Telephone and Telegraph (PTT), Education, Trade and Industry and Agriculture (1943) all under the French Mandate, and Minister of Justice, Foreign Affairs & Emigrants, Interior Affairs, Defense, Justice, Public Works in 1953 during the rule of President Camille Chamoun.


Political offices
Preceded by
Khayreddin al-Ahdab
Prime Minister of Lebanon
Succeeded by
Abdallah Yafi