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Khalid Abdullah, a Sudanese-Egyptian, was the fiancé of Canadian Zaynab Khadr, and a suspect in the 1996 attack on the Egyptian Embassy in Pakistan.

In July 1995, Ahmed Khadr arranged for his daughter Zaynab to marry Abdullah in December.[1] Her mother Maha el-Samnah began preparing an apartment for the couple in the family's house,[2] and Abdullah lived with the family for two months, "like a trial engagement".[2][3]

Abdullah was 26 at the time of the bombing, and was believed to have purchased one of the trucks used in the attack.[4][5] He fled to Lahore after the attack, and disappeared.[6]

He re-surfaced in Tehran in October 1997, and contacted the Khadr family to try to reschedule the wedding he had missed. Ahmed agreed to bring his family on a long vacation culminating in the city for a farewell to the reluctant Zaynab as she started a new life with Abdullah.[2]

Six months after the couple began living in a rented Tehran apartment, Abdullah phoned his father-in-law to report that Zaynab was inconsolable at being separated from her family, and the marriage wasn't working out. She returned to live with her family.[2]

In 1999, he was arrested in Pakistan, and was one of hundreds extradited to the Egyptian "Returnees from Albania" tribunal. He was sentenced to a lengthy prison term.[2][7]


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