Khalid ibn Sa`id

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Khālid ibn Sa`īd ibn al-As or Khalid ibn Sa`d ibn al-`As al-Amawi (Arabic: خالد بن سعيد‎‎) (d. 634 CE), was a companion to Muhammad.

He converted to Iʻslam before 613 CE along with his brother ʻAmr.[1]

He migrated to Abyssinia along with his wife Hamaniya,[1] where he acted as Umm Habiba's wali when she married Muhammad while she was in Abyssinia.[2]

He was one of the prominent Muhajirun companions, who rejected the allegiance at the Saqifa.[3]

In 633 CE he was appointed commander of Syrian campaign by Abu Bakr.[4]

In 634 CE he was married to Umm Hakim on the evening preceding battle of Marj al-Saffar, he was killed in the battle.[5]

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