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Khalil Kalfat (Arabic: خليل كلفت‎‎) (November 26, 1942-November 9, 2015) was a Egyptian author, political thinker and translator. He was born in Nubia, Aswan in Egypt.[1]

Literary translations[edit]

Khalil Kalfat is well known among Arab literature readers and writers for his massive interest in two major Latin American writers, the Brazilian Machado de Assis and Argentine Jorge Luis Borges, which is evident in the fact that he translated dozens of shorts stories by both. He also translated the former's leading novel, Dom Casmurro, in addition to a novella, The Psychiatrist. Kalfat's interest in those two writers extended to critical studies written about them in Europe and Latin America, which led to two more books, one containing a translation of Paul B. Dixon's Retired Dreams: Dom Casmurro, Myth and Modernity, the other containing selected essays on Borges.


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