Muawwaz ibn Amr

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Muawwaz ibn Amr was a companion of Muhammad. He and his brother, Muaaz ibn Amr, wounded Abu Jahl in the Battle of Badr.

He was the son of Amr ibn al-Jamuh but converted to Islam, at first secretly. Before the hijra, Muhammad had appointed Mus`ab ibn `Umair to carry out dawah (inviting others to join Islam), which he did excellently. Stirrings of change did not leave even the household of Am’r bin Jamooh. All of his three sons, Muawwaz ibn Amr, Muaaz ibn Amr and Khallad ibn Amr, entered the fold of Islam. On their initiation, even their mother, Hind the wife of Amr, professed the shahadah.

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