Khallet Michte

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Khallet Michte
Khallet Michte is located in Lebanon
Khallet Michte
Shown within Lebanon
Alternate name Khallet Michte I, Khallet Michte II
Location between Bint Jbeil and Ain Ebel, Lebanon
Coordinates 33°07′01″N 35°24′57″E / 33.116944°N 35.415833°E / 33.116944; 35.415833
Periods Heavy Neolithic
Cultures Qaraoun culture
Site notes
Archaeologists Henri Fleisch
Public access Unknown

Khallet Michte is a Heavy Neolithic archaeological site of the Qaraoun culture located in the Caza of Bint Jbeil in the Nabatiye Governorate in Lebanon. The two sites Khallet Michte I and Khallet Michte II are located in adjacent wadis on south facing slopes between a track and the main road between Bint Jbeil and Ain Ebel. They were found by Henri Fleisch and noted to contain both Heavy Neolithic and Acheulean flint tools which are now in the collection of the Museum of Lebanese Prehistory at the Saint Joseph University.[1][2]


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