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Khalwat is the name of the prayer-houses of the Druze. The primary sanctuary of the Druze is at Khalwat al-Bayada.[1]

The Druze school of theology in Lebanon[edit]

The Khalwat al-Bayada, Khalwet el Biyad, Khalwat al-Biyyada or White houses of communion is the central sanctuary, and theological school of the Druze, located in Lebanon. [2][1][3] Located near Hasbaya, the khalwat is the location where Ad-Darazi is supposed to have settled and taught from during the first Druze call.[4] It features a large, stone, circular bench next to an ancient oak tree known as Aeropagus of the Elders that is secluded amongst nature and trees. The Kalwaat provides around forty hermitages for Al-ʻuqqāl (the initiated) at various times of the year.[5] In 1838, copies of the Epistles of Wisdom were taken from the site by invading Egyptians.[3] Visitors are politely requested to seek permission from the resident sheikh before entering the site and female visitors are requested to cover their heads as a courtesy.

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