Khambatki Ghat

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Coordinates: 17°00′02″N 73°46′38″E / 17.0006888°N 73.7772247°E / 17.0006888; 73.7772247

Khambatki Ghat
Location Maharashtra, India
Range Sahyadri

Khambatki Ghat is a mountain pass on Pune-Kolhapur road (NH 04) in Maharashtra, India. This ghat lies in the Sahyadri mountain ranges (Western Ghats) and has picturesque mountain-scapes and a pleasant climate. [1]


Earlier, Khabataki ghat road was two-way. A separate tunnel was built later which separated the Kolhapur-Pune road. People going to Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar use this ghat. The current one-way tunnel was constructed through a mountain range as an alternative to existing Khambatki ghat in Khandala tehsil of Satara district. The new road is been set up for the vehicles coming from Satara to Pune.[2] This ghat is been extensively used by to pass to Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani which are two major tourist locations followed by the Sajjangad and Kas plateau, where thousands of tourists visit every year. [3]