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Khambi Kaleechpur or Khambi Khanpur is a large village of Sarai Alamgir Tehsil, district Gujrat, Pakistan. It is bounded on two sides by the river Jhelum and Upper Canal Jhelum and on the other two sides by small streams.

Majority of the villagers are Thathal Jat and Chib Rajput. Other villagers include Marrar Jat, Ratial, Khaira Jatt, Kakke and Chaurra.


This village is named after the Khamb tribe by a Thathal Jat chief called Hashmat Khan. It is also named after the Thathal chief and his relative, Murad Kaleech Khan. During the Sikh rule of Punjab the Thathals gave them much opposition for which reason many migrated to Kashmir and surrounding areas. Gulab Singh of Jammu settled his tribesmen the Marrar or Mehr tribe into this area as Gulab Singh was from the same tribe as the Marrars who are originally from the Jamwal clan of Jammu and were originally located in the Chakwal area where they were evicted by the Sikh governor.

The population are mainly cultivating landlords (Zamindar) and have a record of military service. Many villagers have migrated to Europe, United States, Dubai which has resulted in an expansion of the village over the years. Most migrants do return in later life.[citation needed]

Miriam Welfare Trust[edit]

Miriam Welfare Trust works for the welfare of the people of Khambi, Khanpur and villages near around it. It offers free medical camps and a 24-hour ambulance service for the people. It also runs a garbage project.[1]


There is a Government Elementary School located in Khambi[citation needed] and also an Government school.[2]


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