Khamiso Khan

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Khamiso Khan
Sindhi: خميسو خان
Died8 March 1983(1983-03-08) (aged 59–60)
Karachi, Pakistan
OccupationInstrumental musician (alghoza player)
ChildrenAkbar Khamiso Khan
AwardsPride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan (1979)

Khamiso Khan (Sindhi:خميسو خان) (born 1923, died 1983) was a Pakistani folk artist and alghoza player from Sindh, Pakistan.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Khamiso Khan was born in 1923 at Tando Muhammad Khan city,[2] of Tando Muhammad Khan District, Sindh, Pakistan. His son Akbar Khamiso Khan is also a notable Alghoza player.[1][3]


Khamiso Khan was a contemporary of another notable alghoza player Misri Khan Jamali.[4] Mostly, he played typical Sindhi folk and classical music on alghoza.[5] He was associated with Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad, Sindh as a folk artist for 18 years. Khamiso Khan had performed at many events when touring Europe and America before his death. When Khamiso died of a heart attack, president Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq paid him a tribute in a presidential message that his death was a great loss for folk music in Pakistan.[6]

Awards and recognition[edit]


He died after a heart attack on 8 March 1983.[6][7][2]


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