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Khamseh migration map.png
Khamseh migration map
Regions with significant populations
Fars Province, Kerman Province, Hormozgan Province
Arabic, Persian, and Turkish
Islam (Shia and Sunni)
Related ethnic groups

The Khamseh (Persian: ایلات خمسه‎‎) is a tribal confederation in the province of Fars in southwestern Iran. It consists of five tribes, hence its name Khamseh, "the five". The tribes are still partly nomadic, Some are Persian speaking(Basseri), some are Arabic speaking(Arabs), and some are Qashqai Language speaking(Inalu,Baharlu and Nafar). They are sheep breeders, which they herd mounted on camels.

The history of the Khamseh confederation of tribes starts in 1861–1862 when Naser al-Din Shah Qajar created the Khamseh Tribal Confederation. He combined five existing nomadic tribes, the Arab, Nafar, Baharlu, Inalu, and the Basseri and placed them under the control of the Qavam ol-Molk family. The pattern of forcibly uniting tribes was not a new idea, as the Safavid Shahs previously created homogenous Kizilbash confederations to temper the increasing strength of the Qashqai, who were gaining so much power. The Khamseh tribes were a mixture of Persians, Turks, and Arabs.


  • The Basseri (Persian)
  • The Inalu (Qashqai - Turkish)
  • The Baharlu(Qashqai - Turkish)
  • The Nafar (Qashqai - Turkish)
  • The Arab (Arabic)

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