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Khan may refer to:

  • Khan (inn), from Persian, a caravanserai or resting-place for a travelling caravan
  • Khan (surname), including a list of people with the name
  • Khan (title), a royal title for a ruler in Mongol and Turkic languages and used by various ethnicities
    • Khagan, an imperial title used by monarchs of various regimes

Art and entertainment[edit]

  • Khan (band), an English progressive rock band in the 1970s
  • Khan! (TV series), a 1975 American police detective television series
  • Khan (serial), a 2017 Pakistani television drama serial
  • Khan Maykr, the main villain of Doom Eternal, the leader of the heavenly Urdak realm
  • Khan Noonien Singh, a prominent Star Trek villain in an original series episode and the principal antagonist in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, then later Star Trek Into Darkness
  • Citizen Khan, a British sitcom about a British-Indian man, Mr Khan


  • KHAN (FM), a defunct radio station (99.5 FM) formerly licensed to serve Chugwater, Wyoming, United States
  • KBGB, a radio station (105.7 FM) licensed to serve Kensett, Arkansas, United States, which held the call sign KHAN from 2011 to 2013



  • Saru khan, a major village in Ghegharkunik Province of Armenia

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