Khan Jahan I

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Hussain Quli Beg
Khan Jahan I
The Khan Jahan shows Akbar his princely captives..jpg
Khan Jahan I of the Mughal Army shows Emperor Akbar his princely captives.
Service/branch Mughal Army
Years of service 1575–1578 as Subadhar
Rank General with the rank of 5000
Unit 5000 of his own sowars

Hussain Quli Beg was a Mughal General with the rank of 5000. He was entitled as Khan-i-Jahan (Khan of the World) by emperor Akbar.[1]

Early life[edit]

Beg was the son of Wali Beg Zul-Qadr and the nephew of Bairam Khan. He began his career as an ordinary soldier in Akbar's army.[1]


He was appointed Subahdar of Bengal after the death of Munim Khan in 1575.[1] Daud Khan Karrani, the last Afghan Sultan of Bengal, again rebelled against the Mughal Empire. On 12 July 1576 in the battle of Rajmahal, Khan Jahan defeated Daud Shah. He was executed and his head was sent to Agra. Khan Jahan also took Satgaon under his control.[1]

Khan Jahan led military expedition against Afghan chieftains of the Bhati region in 1578. But in a naval battle in Katsul against Isa Khan, he failed to capture the area and retreated from Bhati.[1]

He later died at Tandah, the Bengal capital of Mughals, in 1578.[1]

Preceded by
Munim Khan
Subahdar of Bengal
Succeeded by


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