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Khan Khel is a phrase used for the ruling family in Pashtun tribal set up. Khan means the chieftain while Khel stands for a family or descendants

Khan Khel (خان خيل) is a clan of the Swati tribe of Pashtuns which is the predominant population in the districts of Mansehra District province[1] of Pakistan.The Khan Khel ( Chief of Swatis) moved from Swat to fight the Sikhs in Sikh-ruled areas of present-day Pakistan. According to some authorities, when the King of Kabul, Mirza Ulagh beg pushed Yousafzais from Kabul, they took refuge in Swat, Bajawar and Peshawar of Swatis and Dilazaks country, due to conspiracies of Mughals, the tribes fought an intense guerilla war against each other for more than two decades, culminating in the withdrawal of the Swatis from their lands, and had been migrated to east into the land of Hazara Division, where they perdominated. King Babar himself took part in conquering their strongholds.

The Major Khan Khel families are settled in Agror(Shamdhara),Garhi Habibullah, Jageer, Village Kagal, Roh, Pakhal, Jabori, Batagram and other areas of Mansehra district.Specifically Khan Khels of Garhi Habibullah, Jageer, Village Kagal, are very famous. Babar Khan of Garhi Habibullah, his son Habibullah khan, are well known among khans. Now currently Javed khan, Nasir Khan ( Chartered Accountant ) Aqib Khan ( Head of ECLO ), Osama Khan, Khalid Khan ( G.M. H.M.C.), Abdullah Khan, Zia ur rehman khan, Sir Kamran Khan and Sir Adil Parvez Khan belonging to Kagal are very well known names.From village roh, Ehsan Khan s/o Khursheed khan is a very inspirational personality. He has survived from the severe traumas and now is an inspiration for others.


Malik Aman khan of dhodial had 3 sons, elder Haji Khalil Ur Rehman Khan Khankheil[Dallas,Texas U.S.A] got 4 sons named Saeed Shahzad Khan Khankheil [Newyork U.S.A] Mubashir Rehman Khan Khankheil[Dhodial] Muddassar Rehman Khan Khankheil[Dallas,Texas U.S.A] and Immad ud din Khan Khankheil[London U.K], 2nd son Habib Ur Rehaman Khan Khankheil[Dhodial] got 4 sons named Awais Khan Khankheil[Islamabad].Jawad Khan Khankheil[Dhodial].Ahsan Khan Khankheil[Dhodial].Nouman Khan Khankheil[Dhodial].3rd son Nawaz Khan Khankheil[Florida U.S.A].got 3 sons Sarmad Khan Khankheil[Florida U.S.A].Saad Khan khankheil[Florida U.S.A].Umer Khan Khankheil[Florida U.S.A].they all born and raised in dhodial hazara tehsil mansehra of khankhail family.