Khanegah tomb

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Khanegah tomb
Xanəgah türbəsi
Əlincəçay xanəgahı Naxçıvan.jpg
Location Julfa District, Azerbaijan
Type Mausoleum
Completion date 13th to 15th centuries

Khanegah on the Alinjachay River (Azerbaijani: Xanəgah türbəsi) – is a tomb dated to between the 13th and 15th centuries and is located in the Khanegah village of Julfa District, Azerbaijan. The tomb is on the Alinjachay River.


Khanegah was built of burned brick of 20 x 20 x 5 metre size. Pendentive of the building is built like muqarnas. The complex consists of two mausoleums: one of them is attach to other in the 15th century.[1]


In 2008, a postage stamp of Azerbaijan with the picture of the khanegah was released.


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Coordinates: 39°11′20″N 45°42′56″E / 39.18889°N 45.71556°E / 39.18889; 45.71556