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Khankala (Russian: Ханкала, Chechen: Хан-ГӀала, Ẋan-Ġala) is a settlement in Groznensky District of the Chechen Republic, Russia, located to the east of Grozny, the republic's capital. Population: 7,908 (2002 Census).[1]

The settlement is the location of a Russian military base, the former headquarters of the 42nd Motor Rifle Division (now the headquarters of the successor unit 18th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade), and an airstrip. It was the site of the Battle of Khankala in 1994.

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Coordinates: 43°17′49″N 45°46′12″E / 43.29694°N 45.77000°E / 43.29694; 45.77000