Khanom khai hong

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Khanom khai hong
Alternative namesKhanom khai hia
TypeThai dessert
Place of originThailand
Region or stateNationwide
Created byRoyal Concubine Waen
Main ingredientssweet potato starch, glutinous rice flour, pumpkin, mung bean, white sugar, black pepper and icing

Khanom khai hong (Thai: ขนมไข่หงส์) or formerly known as Khanom khai hia (ขนมไข่เหี้ย) is a kind of Thai dessert, may be considered as a Thai-style doughnut balls.

Khanom khai hong is fried dessert balls made of flour stuffed with seasoning mung bean, before being deep-fried and coated with icing. Its taste is sweet, salty; crispy outside, but soft inside.

Its name meaning "swan egg snack", due to its shape looks like the swan egg. It is said that during the early Rattanakosin Kingdom, the King Phutthayotfa Chulalok (Rama I) was a person who likes to eat a water monitor egg. But at that time it was not the same as the season in which water monitors lay eggs, therefore can't find eggs. Royal Concubine Waen (เจ้าจอมแว่น), thus invented this dessert in order to serve the King. So it was called Khanom khai hia according to what it replaced. Later, it was renamed to Khanom khai hong as in the present, because water monitor in the belief of Thai people is the jink.

Currently, Khanom khai hong can be found that its best from street vendors or food markets like other desserts.[1] [2]


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