Khanom sai bua

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Khanom sai bua
TypeThai dessert
Place of originThailand
Region or statecentral Thailand
Created byThai people
Main ingredientsStem lotuses, rice flour, tapioca flour, thick coconut milk, shredded ripe coconut, white sugar (or palm sugar), salt, pure water and banana leaves

Khanom sai bua (Thai: ขนมสายบัว; lit: stem lotus snack) is a type of Thai dessert. It is regarded as another type of traditional Thai dessert that is hard to find and few people know.[1]

Khanom sai bua is a steamed dessert similar to khanom fak thong (pumpkin cake), khanom man (steamed sweet potato cake), and khanom kluai (steamed banana cake). Main ingredient is young stem lotus (Nymphaea ampla or N. lotus) which has a unique texture and flavor.

Khanom sai bua is made of rice and tapioca flours mixed with coarsely sliced dried stem lotus (or pounded stem lotus) and coconut milk, and sprinkled with shredded coconut, and wrapped in banana leaves (or scoop into small ceramic cups like khanom thuai), before steaming for about 25 minutes is the last step.

This type of dessert is originated from a community that is adjacent to the waterway in the past. During the rainy season, the lotuses grow up a lot. These lotuses are not only used to worship the Buddha. But also an important ingredient used for cooking a large number of food menus. Especially lotus stem also has aroma of rain which go well with coconut milk.[1]

Khanom sai bua has a taste that is not the same as any type of Thai dessert, but is similar to a khao tom mat.[2]

Currently, Khanom sai bua is produced and sold in a few places such as Bang Phut of Pathum Thani and Hua Takhe in east suburb Bangkok etc.[3] [1]

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