Khanqah Dogran

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Coordinates: 31°49′54″N 73°37′23″E / 31.83167°N 73.62306°E / 31.83167; 73.62306 Khanqah Dogran is city in the Sheikhupura District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

It is located at 31°49'54N 73°37'23E[1] on the Sargodha to Sheikhupura Road, fifteen miles west of Farooqabad. The main industry in this area is automobile manufacturing. After Nankana Sahib became a District, Khanqa Dogran and Safdarabad have both been included as cities of the new district of Nankana Sahib.

Khanqah Dogran was formerly part of the Sheikhupura District; upon the creation of the district in 2005 there were five days of protests in the town, whose residents opposed inclusion in the new district. During the protests a mob burnt down a police station[2]


Famous People from Khanqah Dogran

  1. = Amin Ahsan Islahi =
  2. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi