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Country India
StateUttar Pradesh
 • BodyGram panchayat
 • OfficialHindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)

Khanzadipur is a small village located 42 km from the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Geography and people[edit]

Village area is 203 hq and the population is 732 (384 males, 348 females). Although it is a small village, it is home to a diverse group of local residents comprising farmers, artisans, weavers, teachers, truck drivers, professors, retired government and private sector employees and many others. Entertainment options are quite limited in the village as there are no movie theaters and village folks cannot depend on television because electricity is a huge problem.


It has a fully operational Post Office, something that is considered a luxury in small Indian villages. The village also has a government run subsidized fertilizer and ration shop and storage, which caters to farmers residing in adjoining villages as well.


Commuting is not a problem for village folks since buses, rickshaws, and taxis regularly ply on the two-lane road that connects the national highway NH 7. The nearest rail station is Chunar, which is just 8 km away, from where one can catch trains going to major cities of India. Nearest airport is Varanasi, which is about 55 km from this village.


India’s economic growth has somehow managed to touch this seemingly remote village, evidence of which can be seen in shabbily dressed farmers using mobile phones for communicating with their friends, families and associates. Village elders vouch for the development that is currently taking place in India and have a nagging habit of informing youngsters about how they survived the rough seas and emerged unscathed when most Indian villages faced utmost poverty and famine like situations. The weary eyes of village elders tell you everything and in a way reflect the country’s social and economic history after the independence.


The village has an elementary school up to 5th grade and a girls school up to eighth grade. For higher schooling, students have to trek 3 km daily to a nearby village having schooling facilities up to 12th grade.


The areas surrounding the village are very scenic. Some of the best weekend destinations are located in and around the village. If you get to Khanzadipur, do not forget to visit the majestic Ganges, the impressive "Chunar Fort" (also known as "Chunargarh" in the famous novel "Chandrakanta" written by "Devki Nandan Khatri" [1888.]), and innumerable water falls that dot the nearby landscape. You can also have a look at Khanjadipur


Coordinates: 25°06′N 82°56′E / 25.100°N 82.933°E / 25.100; 82.933