Khao Nom Sao

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Khao Nom Sao
Khao Nom Sao is located in Thailand
Khao Nom Sao
Khao Nom Sao
Location in Thailand
Highest point
Elevation 1,089 m (3,573 ft)
Listing List of mountains in Thailand
Breast-shaped hills
Coordinates 9°48′00″N 98°39′06″E / 9.80000°N 98.65167°E / 9.80000; 98.65167Coordinates: 9°48′00″N 98°39′06″E / 9.80000°N 98.65167°E / 9.80000; 98.65167
Location Ranong, Thailand
Parent range Tenasserim Hills
Mountain type limestone/granite
Easiest route drive

Khao Nom Sao (เขานมสาว), "female breast mountain", is a land feature located in Ranong Province, Thailand.


Khao Nom Sao is part of the mountain range on the center-right of the image.

Khao Nom Sao is the highest summit of a rugged mountain massif that stretches roughly from north to south in the Kra Isthmus. This mountain range represents an important catchment area for many rivers of the Ranong and Chumphon provinces, forming a natural border between both provinces.[1] Khao Daen and Khao Huai Siad, are other prominent peaks of the chain, which is part of the wider Tenasserim Hills.

This mountain is included in the Namtok Ngao National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติน้ำตกหงาว) and there are hiking trails that allow to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

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