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Khao Sod (Thai: ข่าวสด; lit. meaning "fresh news" or "current news") is a Thai daily newspaper with national circulation. Founded on April 9, 1991, Khao Sod is the youngest paper of the Matichon Publishing Group which also operates two other daily news publications, Matichon and Prachachat.

Khao Sod is more "mass-oriented" and "upcountry-focused" in style than its sister newspapers in the Matichon Group. Its circulation records show 300,000 copies sold per day. Nevertheless, despite heavy features on crimes, local affairs, and entertainment like other major national newspapers (such as Thai Rath and Daily News), the newspaper also remains keen on political and social issues similar to its sister newspapers Matichon and Prachachat. Khao Sod is managed by Kanchai Boonparn, who also oversees the Matichon Group as a whole.

Khao Sod has seen substantial success over recent years, with circulation of 300,0000 copies; it is currently[when?] the third-bestselling newspaper in Thailand. Additionally, the online edition of the newspaper experienced a 98% rise in number of visits in 2010.

Khao Sod first came to prominence in 1994 for its extensive coverage of the cover up murders of a Thai gem dealer's wife and her son. Details later emerged, partially due to Khao Sod's reporting, that Lieutenant-General Chalor Kerdthes of the Royal Thai Police ordered the pair abducted and subsequently murdered after failing to extract information concerning the fate of the Saudi Blue Diamond from the pair. Initially reported by many newspapers as a roadside accident, Khao Sod insisted otherwise from early on. Lieutenant-General Chalor and several other police officers were arrested, found guilty, and sentenced to death (the sentence was later reduced to 50 years of imprisonment). Khao Sod was awarded Best News Feature from the Isra Amanantakul Foundation in that year for its coverage of the incident.

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