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Mang U’
Native to Vietnam
Region Sơn La and Lai Châu provinces
Ethnicity Khang
Native speakers
14,000 (2009 census)[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 kjminclusive code
Individual code:
xao – Khao[1]
Glottolog khan1274[3]

Kháng (Chinese: 抗语), also known as Mang U’, is an Austroasiatic language of Vietnam. It is closely related to the Bumang language of southern Yunnan, China.


Paul Sidwell (2014)[4] classifies Khang as Palaungic, although Jerold Edmondson (2010) suggests it is Khmuic.

Kháng is most closely related to Bumang (Edmondson 2010).


Kháng speakers are an officially recognized ethnic group in Vietnam,[5] and officially numbered 10,272 in 1999.

The Kháng are distributed in the following districts of northwest Vietnam in Sơn La Province and Lai Châu Province:[6]


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