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Khapse in the making
Alternative names Zhero
Type Biscuit
Place of origin Tibet
Main ingredients Flour, eggs, butter, sugar
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Khapse (or zhero) is a Tibetan/Sherpa biscuit[1] that is traditionally prepared during the Tibetan/Sherpa New Year or Losar.[2] The dough for the khapse is usually made with flour, eggs, butter and sugar and is then shaped into different shapes and sizes. The most common is the small twisted rectangular pieces which is served to guests while there are more elaborate shapes like sugar frosted circular patterned discs, as well as huge elongated hollow tubes that are used for decorations. The khapse dough is then deep fried which gives it its light brown/yellow colour.

It is commonly prepared at home, but before and during Losar is available in Tibetan restaurants in exile communities in India, Bhutan and Nepal.


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