Khar-Us Lake

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Khar-Us Lake
Khar-Us-Nuur Lake ISS006-E-7827 cropped, rotated.jpg
Khar-Us Lake frozen, Khar Lake fragment is at the western edge of the image, Jargalant-Khaikhan Mounts are south from Lake Khar-Us (NASA astronauts image 2002-12-13).
Location Khovd aimag, Mongolia
Coordinates 48°02′N 92°17′E / 48.033°N 92.283°E / 48.033; 92.283Coordinates: 48°02′N 92°17′E / 48.033°N 92.283°E / 48.033; 92.283
Type freshwater
Primary inflows Khovd River
Primary outflows Chono Kharaikh gol
Catchment area 74,500 km²
Basin countries Mongolia, Russia
Max. length 72.2 km
Max. width 36.5 km
Surface area 1,578 km²
Average depth 2.2 m
Max. depth 4.5 m
Water volume 3.432 km³
Surface elevation 1,156.7 m
Frozen November - April
Islands Agbash (Ak-Bashi)
Settlements Dörgön
Designated 13 April 1999
Part of Har Us Nuur National Park
Khar-Us Lake is located in Mongolia
Khar-Us Lake
Khar-Us Lake
Khar-Us Lake (Mongolia)

Khar-Us Lake (Mongolian: Хар-Ус нуур, lit. "black water lake") is a lake in western Mongolia in the Great Lakes Depression. It is the upper one in a system of the interconnected lakes: Khar-Us, Khar, Dörgön, Airag and Khyargas.

Its area value (1,852 km²) includes the island Agbash (or Ak-Bashi, white head) area (274 km²), so the water surface area is 1,578 km² only.[1]

Some sources are using different Khar-Us Lake Lake statistics values:[2]

  • Water level: 1,160.08 m
  • Surface area: 1,496.6 km²
  • Average depth: 2.1 m
  • Volume: 3.12 km³.
Water balance of Khar-Us Lake[2]
(Unit of water balance: mm/year)
Surface input Surface output Groundwater
, years
Precipitation Inflow Evaporation Outflow
56.4 1,979.2 942.7 675.3 -417.6 1.1

Primary inflow is the Khovd River, which creates a large river delta.

So called Genghis Khan's wall runs along the western shore of the Khar-Us Lake. It is possible to find it at the Google Map and Google Earth satellite maps 47°53′29″N 91°59′37″E / 47.89139°N 91.99361°E / 47.89139; 91.99361.