Khar Lake (Khovd)

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For other uses, see Khar Nuur (disambiguation).
Khar Lake
Khar-Nuur lake, Khovd aimag, Mongolia.JPG
The western shore of Khar Nuur
Location Great Lakes Depression, Western Mongolia
Coordinates 48°05′N 93°12′E / 48.08°N 93.2°E / 48.08; 93.2Coordinates: 48°05′N 93°12′E / 48.08°N 93.2°E / 48.08; 93.2
Lake type eutrophic
Primary inflows Chono Kharaikh Gol
Primary outflows Teeliin Gol
Catchment area 76,800 km2 (29,700 sq mi)[1]
Basin countries Mongolia, Russia[2]
Max. length 37 km (23 mi)
Max. width 24 km (15 mi)
Surface area 575 km2 (222 sq mi)
Average depth 4.2 m (14 ft)
Max. depth 7 m (23 ft)
Water volume 2.422 km3 (0.581 cu mi)
Residence time 1.7 years
Surface elevation 1,132.3 m (3,715 ft)
Frozen December - April

Khar Lake (Mongolian: Хар нуур, lit. "black lake"), also known as Ha-la Hu, Hara Nuur, Har Nuur, Khara Nur, Khar Nuur, and Ozero Kara-Nor[1], is located in the Khovd aimag (province) in western Mongolia's Great Lakes Depression. It is part of a group of lakes that were once part of a larger prehistoric lake that disappeared 5,000 years ago as the region became drier.

It should be distinguished from the similarly named Khar Lake (Zavkhan), further east in Mongolia

Some sources are using different Khar Lake statistics values:[3]

  • Water level: 1,134.08 m
  • Surface area: 565.2 km²
  • Average depth: 4.14 m
  • Volume: 2.34 km³.
Water balance of Khar Lake[3]
(Unit of water balance: mm/year)
Surface input Surface output Groundwater
, years
Precipitation Inflow Evaporation Outflow
54.0 1,786.9 1,117.8 1,287.9 +564.8 1.7

Khar Lake has a single inflow - Chono Kharaikh Gol river, which creates a river delta.

Natural channel from Khar Lake to Dörgön Lake

Khar Lake has a connection to Dörgön Nuur south of it.


  1. ^ includes 74,500 km² of Khar-Us Nuur lake catchment area
  2. ^ Russian part of the catchment area belongs to the Khar-Us Nuur lake catchment area.
  3. ^ a b "Surface Water of Mongolia", Gombo Davaa, Dambaravjaa Oyunbaatar, Michiaki Sugita

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