Khar Lake (Zavkhan)

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Khar Lake
Har Nuur.jpg
Image made from ISS, south on top, 2006-09-07
Location Great Lakes Depression, Western Mongolia
Coordinates 48°21′N 96°06′E / 48.35°N 96.1°E / 48.35; 96.1Coordinates: 48°21′N 96°06′E / 48.35°N 96.1°E / 48.35; 96.1
Basin countries Mongolia
Surface elevation 1,980 m (6,496 ft)

Khar Lake (Mongolian: Хар нуур, lit. "black lake") is located in the Zavkhan aimag (province) in western Mongolia. Khar Lake occupies a dale in the Khangai Mountains to the East from the Great Lakes Depression.

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