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kharal proved to be a true Jatt tribe that settled in punjab region of india and pakistan. They also found in Sindh . The legend of this tribe is Rai Ahmad khan kharal (1857) who fought against British raj at Lahore region and killed many of british soldiers. Kharals Also killed Nakai Misl leader Sardar Nar singh sandhu at kot kamalia (1768). They Converted to islam when they migrate to Western Punjab from Eastern Punjab. Syed peer jahaniya jahan gash r.a, peer syed jalaludin bukhari r.a, Hazrat baba fareed ganj shakar, Converted kharal to islam from hinduism and Sikhism . kharal is very brave caste of punjab. They never accepted march of ranjeet singh or british and clashed with them. kharals are notorious and rich land lords of punjab and play important role in the political activities in Pakistan. They Use commonly title "Rai" or " Raa" or sometime use "Ch" with there surname. [1][2] They are found primarily in Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab Region of Pakistan and India.

Notable people[edit]


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