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For the villages in Iran, see Kharian, Iran.
Kharian is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°48′40″N 73°51′54″E / 32.811°N 73.865°E / 32.811; 73.865Coordinates: 32°48′40″N 73°51′54″E / 32.811°N 73.865°E / 32.811; 73.865
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Gujrat
Elevation 280 m (920 ft)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Calling code 0537

Kharian (Urdu: کھاریاں ‎) (Pronunciation: Khariah) is a city located within the Gujrat District of the Punjab province of Pakistan. Kharian is the capital city of Kharian Tehsil, which administrates all of the numerous surrounding villages and towns of Greater Kharian.[citation needed]

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