Kharkiv Cathedral Mosque

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Kharkiv Cathedral Mosque
Мечеть в Харькове.jpg
Basic information
Location Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
Affiliation Islam
District Kharkiv
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Completed 1905
Dome(s) 1
Minaret(s) 1

The Kharkiv Cathedral Mosque, also known as Khavidrali Mosque, (Ukrainian: Харківська соборна мечеть) is located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The mosque was originally built in 1905, demolished in 1936, and rebuilt in 2006.


In 1905 on the bank of the Lopan River a mosque was built. The mosque was destroyed by the Soviets in 1936 on claims that it hindered the flow of the river. In 1999 work began to rebuild the mosque at the same location.

Parishioners consist of Tatars, Crimean Tatars, and Turks.

Coordinates: 49°59′07″N 36°13′13″E / 49.98528°N 36.22028°E / 49.98528; 36.22028