Kharkiv Conservatory

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Kharkiv Conservatory
Харківського національного університету мистецтв ім. І. П. Котляревського
Other name
Kharkiv National University of Arts 'L P Kotlyarevsky'
Established 1917 (1917)
Type University of music and theatre
Location Kharkiv, Ukraine

Known internationally as the Kharkiv Conservatory, the Kharkiv National University of Arts 'L P Kotlyarevsky' in Kharkiv, Ukraine, is a leading university of music and theatre in the country. It dates back to 1917.[1] It is named after Ivan Kotlyarevsky. Before 1917, Kharkiv had an Imperial conservatory.

The university offers BA programs for instruments including piano, akkordeon, orchestral and traditional, for voice, choral conducting, composition and theory, also an opera program. MA programs are offered for performance specialisation.[1]

The university offers lectures and talks by international composers, including Krzysztof Penderecki.[2][3] It participates in international partnerships, for example with the Department of Music of the University of Pittsburgh.[4]


University faculty has included composers Dmitri Klebanov and Andriy Shtoharenko, who also studied at the conservatory.

Alumni include pianists Anna Kravtchenko and Sergei Polusmiak, composers Isaak Dunayevsky, Vitaliy Hubarenko and Viktor Suslin, and musicologist Daniel Zhitomirsky.


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