Kharkiv Governorate

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Kharkiv Governorate
Харківська губернія
Governorate of Ukrainian State and Ukrainian SSR



Location of Kharkiv land
  Kharkiv Governorate
Capital Kharkiv
 •  Established 1918
 •  Disestablished 1925
 •  2,492,316 
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kharkov Governorate
Kursk Governorate
Voronezh Governorate
Kharkiv Okruha
Sumy Okruha
Izyum Okruha
Kupiansk Okruha
Bohodukhiv Okruha
Donetsk Governorate
Kursk Governorate
Voronezh Governorate

Kharkiv Governorate (Ukrainian: Харківська губернія) was governorate of Ukraine from 1918-1925.

The region was re-established in 1918 as the Kharkov Governorate plus southern regions of Kursk Governorate and Voronezh Governorate. The governorate had international borders with the Don Republic to the east and the Soviet Russia to the north. During occupation by the Denikin's forces in 1919-1920, it was transformed into the Kharkov Oblast and expanded including several governorates.

After defeat of the Denikin's forces in 1920, it was returned to the borders that it had within the Russian Empire, while some eastern counties were transferred to the newly created Donetsk Governorate. In 1925 it was dissolved into four okruhas: Sumy Okruha, Kharkiv Okruha, Izyum Okruha, Bohodukhiv Okruha and Kupiansk Okruha.

List of counties[edit]

  • Sumy County
  • Lebedyn County
  • Okhtyrka County
  • Bohodukhiv County
  • Valky County
  • Zmiiv County
  • Kharkiv County
  • Volchansk County
  • Izyum County
  • Kupyansk County
  • Starobilsk County

Added counties[edit]

  • Haivoron County
  • Bilhorod County
  • Sudzha County
  • Oboyan County
  • Korocha County
  • Novyi Oskol County
  • Biryuch County
  • Valuiky County
  • Ostrohozk County
  • Bohuchar County (west)