Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics

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Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics
Other name
Former name
Kharkiv Engineering-Building Institute (1930-1966)
Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics (1966-1993)
Kharkiv Technical University of Radioelectronics (1993-2001)
RectorValerii Semenets
пр-т Науки, 14 (14 Nauky Avenue)
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Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (NURE) is a higher education institution of the highest level of accreditation in Ukraine. It is one of the oldest technology universities in Ukraine, with over 7000 students and 30 scientific centers.

It has strong research and education capabilities in electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, ICT and computer technologies.

NURE hosts the International Academy of Applied Radio & Electronics. NURE pioneered the development of distance education in Ukraine. It has a high expertise in introduction of innovative technologies into education and business.

History of NURE[edit]

Emblem of the Kharkov Geodetic Institute

The history of NURE begins in 1930 when Kharkiv Engineering-Building Institute (KEBI) was founded on the basis of building faculty of Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute and architectural faculty of Kharkiv Art Institute. In 1934 Kharkiv Geodetic Institute and Scientific Research Institute of Geodesy and Cartography entered the structure of the institute. In 10 years KEBI became the largest higher education institution of Ukraine numbering 1734 students, 200 teachers and 4 faculties: Architectural, Building, Sanitary and Geodetic.

In 1966 KIMBAC was given a name of Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics (KIRE) Soon after the declaration of independence of Ukraine KIRE got the status of University and became Kharkiv Technical University of Radio Electronics (KTURE) in 1993.

In 2001 the status of the University was advanced to the National University.

University structure[edit]

NURE consists of 8 faculties and 33 departments:

Awards and reputation[edit]

The University ranks first among technical universities of Ukraine by the results of the rankings made by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine (according to “Education of Ukraine” №26 (1295) of 25 June 2012 and the website ).

13th place among the Ukraine institutions according to Scimago IR in 2018[1].

In January 2019 the University ranked 16th in the Ranking Web of Universities[2].

In the Top-200 NURE ranked 23 among higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

In uniRank 2019 University Ranking NURE placed 19th of 171 recognized Ukrainian higher-education institutions[3].

In Nature Index in 2018 NURE ranked 8th among 13 Ukrainian universities[4].


Strong cooperation within TEMPUS, Horizon 2020, INTAS, INCO-Copernicus, EU Joint- and Double-Degree Master programs, etc. allowed NURE to become one of the first HEIs in Ukraine which introduced the Bologna principles and ECTS to its practices. University aims to integration of in the international, particularly European scientific and educational space, to the creation of the operational development of the information and communications field as a modern mechanism of international activities. NURE widely develop international contacts through cooperation with universities in other countries and foreign companies. A large number of faculty, staff, graduate students go abroad to participate in academic conferences, research and internships, as well as accept foreign specialists at university. Almost all of the departments have memorandums and agreements on cooperation with foreign companies.

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