Kharkiv River

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Kharkiv River
Kharkiv River in the center of Kharkiv
Origin Belgorod Oblast, Russia
Mouth Lopan River
Basin countries Russia, Ukraine
Length 71 km (44.4 mi)
Source elevation 160 m (533 ft)
Avg. discharge 2,62 m³/s (92.5 ft³/s)
Basin area 1,160 km² (447.8 mi²)

Kharkiv or Kharkov (Ukrainian: Ха́рків, Russian: Харьков) is a river in Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine, a left tributary of the Lopan River.[1] It originates from the town of Oktyabrsky in Belgorod Oblast, Russia. The Kharkiv River may have given the city of Kharkiv its name.[2] The river is also known as a place for people who enjoy cold-water swimming known as morzhei or "walruses" to swim.[3]

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