Kharkiv TV Tower

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Kharkiv Television Tower
Харків телевежа
Kharkov TV tower.jpg
Kharkiv TV Tower
Kharkiv TV Tower is located in Ukraine
Kharkiv TV Tower
Location within Ukraine
Alternative names Kharkov Television Tower
General information
Status Complete
Type Steel lattice television tower
Location Yakutsk, Sakha Republic,  Ukraine
Coordinates 50°02′37″N 36°14′07″E / 50.04361°N 36.23528°E / 50.04361; 36.23528Coordinates: 50°02′37″N 36°14′07″E / 50.04361°N 36.23528°E / 50.04361; 36.23528
Construction started 1981
Completed 1981
Height 243 m (797 ft) (rounded-off)
Antenna spire 242.62 m (796 ft)
Roof 139.9 m (459 ft)

Kharkiv Television Tower (Ukrainian: Харків телевежа), most commonly known as the Kharkov TV Tower (Ukrainian: Харківська телевежа), is a 243 m (797 ft) tall steel truss television tower for FM-/TV-broadcasting in Kharkiv, Ukraine. It is of similar design of Kiev TV Tower, but has legs of a closed metal structure. In addition, the tower was constructed with truss-like space frames, which are lightweight rigid structures constructed from/by interlocking and/or intertwining struts in a geometric pattern.[1]

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