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The Kharkov Mathematical Society (Russian: Харьковское математическое общество) is an association of professional mathematicians in Kharkiv aimed at advancement of mathematical research and education. It was established in 1879 by the initiative of V.G. Imshenetskii,.[1] who also founded the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society.

The society published the Communications of the Kharkov Mathematical Society from its establishment until the 1960s, when it was closed for non-mathematical reasons.

Members of the Kharkov Mathematical Society[edit]

Former presidents of Kharkov Mathematical Society[edit]

The following scientists were former presidents of the society:[2]

Notable members[edit]

Active members of the society included Boris Levin, Aleksei Pogorelov, Vladimir Drinfeld and Lev Landau. The society had also notable foreign members: for example, Gian Antonio Maggi and Giacinto Morera were corresponding members. This last one was posthumously awarded by the membership on October 31, 1909 (Old Calendar):[3] apparently the members of the society were not aware of his death.


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