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Tolti Kusuru.JPGTolti.jpgManthokha aabshaar (water fall) skardu photo by me.jpgTolti Indus River.JPG
kharmang is located in Karakoram
Hassanabad on Pakistan Map
Coordinates: 34°56′40″N 76°13′21″E / 34.94444°N 76.22250°E / 34.94444; 76.22250Coordinates: 34°56′40″N 76°13′21″E / 34.94444°N 76.22250°E / 34.94444; 76.22250
Country Pakistan
Province Gilgit Baltistan
District Kharmang District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

The Kharmang Valley (Urdu: وادی کھرمنگ) is one of the five biggest valleys of Baltistan; recently it became a district, whose headquarters is Tolti .[1] The valley is located about 100 km from the capital city of Baltistan Skardu.Indus river enter in Pakistan from Kharmang district,it is connected with kargil distric of india.


The word Kahrmang is a Balti word which consist of two words (khar means "fort" and mang means "abundant"). The name Kharmang was given to the valley in the era of Ali Sher Khan Anchan,[2] who built many forts in this region because of its geographical importance.


Kharmang valley is a scattered populated area the approximate population of valley is about 20,000 households; most of the population are residing in scattered villages. The main source of income is subsistence livestock rearing for their livelohood and agriculture. Natives of Kharmang Valley speak Balti and mostly belong to Shia sect of Islam.Kharmang has two famous watefalls(Manthoka waterfall and Khamush waterfall), these attracts thousand of foreigen and domestic tourist from different countries


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