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Kharosa Caves
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Kharosa Caves
LocationKharosa, Latur, Maharashtra
Coordinates18°09′27″N 76°40′42″E / 18.157401°N 76.678280°E / 18.157401; 76.678280Coordinates: 18°09′27″N 76°40′42″E / 18.157401°N 76.678280°E / 18.157401; 76.678280
Elevation70 m (230 ft)
Translationhindi (hindi)

Kharosa is a village situated at about 45 km from Latur City in Latur district, Maharashtra, India.

The place is renowned for its caves, which were built around the 6th century. Other attractions include the beautiful sculptures of Narasimha, Shiv Parvati, Kartikeya and Ravana. There are about 12 caves, of which one has an image of seated Jain Tirthankar.There are about a couple of dozen carved panels depicting mythological stories.

Nearby villages are: Ramegaon, Kharosa, Shivani. The upper side of the hill you will find Renuka devi Temple and a Mosque side by side which shows the unity of Hindus and Muslims in the area. Everyone who come to visit the temple also visit the mosque. On the top side of the hill you will find source of water which is called as Seeta Nhani (Seeta's Bathroom) as they believe that Rama,Lakshmana and Seeta had once lived there. Villagers nearby are very co-operative and helpful.

Route:The nearest major railway station is the Latur Railway Station, on the Latur-Miraj rail route. It is about 45 km from Latur on Latur-Nilanga Road via Ausa-Lamjana. Car can go up to the caves on the left flank and up to Devi Temple on right flank of a small hillock. Regular buses which connect Kharosa with Latur and Nilanga/Udgir.