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Kharoti (Pashto: خروټی) is a Pashtun tribe, of Ghilji origin, based in parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Quetta there is Kharotabad there people live 3275 houses and they live here from 1945 Many of the Kharoti have business in gulf countries and Pakistan. They have an estimated population of about 5.5 million, making it one of the larger, if not the largest, tribes in Afghanistan, Pakistan with significant territory throughout eastern and south-eastern Afghanistan. There are major Kharoti populations in the Paktika districts of Urgun, Barmal, Sar Hawza, Zarghun Shahr, Omna, Surobi, and Ghazni, Zabul, Paktia, Khost, Logar, Wardak, Kabul, Nangarhar, Helmand and Gomal.[1] The Kharoti also have a strong presence in the Pakistani province of Balochistan, as well as the port city of Karachi in southern Pakistan. Bordering Tadjikistan is the largest harbour city of Afghanistan Sher Khan Bandar, named after Sher Khan Nashir, Khan of the Kharoti. Members of the Kharoti also live in the Iranian cities of Zahidan and Karimabad, where around 2000 families of the tribe reside; they typically speak Persian and Balochi. In Pakistan, people of the Kharoti tribe live in the Chaghi district of Balochistan of Pakistan, and typically speak Balochi. They also live in Noushki, Balochistan. Kharoti people also live in Chamalang near to Loralai and call themselves Kharotani but speak Balochi. In KPK province in Dera Ismail Khan many of these tribes' people live. In Punjab as well at Mianwali Road there two towns of the Kharoti tribe. In Rawalpind city of Punjab there are approximately 300 families of Kharoti origine.


As Pashtuns of the Ghilji confederacy, the heyday of the Kharotis were during the peak of their Khans of the Nasher-Nashir family. With the rise of Ghilji's rival confederacy, the Durrani in the 18th century, the Kharoti lost their leading role in Afghan politics but remained strong in the Afghan rural regions. However, they often view themselves as the 'true Pashtuns' and being Ghilji as the rightful leaders of kpk (Pakistan) and(Afghanistan)<ref>"Paktya Province". The Program for Culture & Conflict Studies. Retrieved 19 March 2015.</rf> { haji mohammad akber kharoti s/o haji ghulam rabbani kharoti is the current leader of amandkhel kharoti in kuchlak ,quetta kharoabad and pashin

Notable Kharoti[edit]

Sardar Akbar khan Kharoti (Having a govt road by the name of Sardar Akbar Kharoti road in Pakistan Quetta )


££ haji mohammad akber kharoti ,, real leader of amandkhel tribe of kharoti Malak Sultan Muhammad MehmoodKhel Kharoti. Khan Haji Babo Khan Kharoti. Khan Haji Abullah Khan Kharoti Sardar Akbar Khan MehmoodKhel Kharoti Kanobi Aghbarg Loralai.

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