Khas Kunar District

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Kunar River in the Bar Kashkot village, Kuz Kunar District, Nangarhar

Khas Kunar or Sarkani(sarkano) District (Pashto: خاص کونړ ولسوالۍ‎, Persian: ولسوالی خاص کنر‎) is the largest district in the Kunar Province, Afghanistan. It is situated in the southern part of the province and borders Nangarhar Province to the south and Pakistan to the east. The Kunar River passes north through the district and irrigates the surrounding land. The population is 31,000 (2006). The district center, Khas Kunar village is located at 34°38′45″N 70°54′03″E / 34.6458°N 70.9008°E / 34.6458; 70.9008 at 749 m altitude. Most of the houses were destroyed during the wars and the drought also has seriously affected the lands far from the Kunar River.

Villages of Khas Kunar[edit]

  1. Tannar
  2. Arazi
  3. Upper Arazi
  4. Koligram
  5. Khyber khowar
  6. Chara gai
  7. Camp
  8. Miagano Kelai
  9. Zargaran
  10. Lottan
  11. Shalai
  12. Mangwaal
  13. Chanch
  14. Adargam
  15. kotki( kotkai)

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Coordinates: 34°38′45″N 70°54′03″E / 34.6458°N 70.9008°E / 34.6458; 70.9008