Khas Urozgan District

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Khas Urozgan
خاص اروزگان
Khas Urozgan is located in Afghanistan
Khas Urozgan
Khas Urozgan
Location within Afghanistan[1]
Coordinates: 33°00′00″N 66°41′24″E / 33.00000°N 66.69000°E / 33.00000; 66.69000
Country  Afghanistan
Province Urozgan Province

Khas Urozgan District (خاص اروزگان, also spelled Khas Uruzgan) is a district of Urozgan Province, Afghanistan.[1]


A District Governor, Chief of Police, four person district council, four person ulema shura and a two-judge court exist. The district council had eight members until the spring of 2008, when Taliban threats forced half to quit.[2] In November 2010 more than 300 tribal elders and religious leaders from across the district elected a first-ever district community council.[3]

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