Khatami (surname)

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Khatami is an Iranian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Mohammad Khatami (born 1943), Iranian reformist President, former President of Iran (1997–2005)
  • Mohammad-Reza Khatami (born 1959), Iranian reformist politician, Vice Speaker of Iranian Parliament (2001–2004) and brother of Mohammad Khatami
  • Mohammad Amir Khatami, former commander of the Iranian air force
  • Ali Khatami (born 1953), Chief of Staff of President of Iran (2001–2005) and brother of Mohammad and Mohammad Reza Khatami
  • Ruhollah Khatami, father of Mohammad, Mohammad Reza, and Ali Khatami, and former Friday prayer Imam at the city of Yazd
  • Ahmad Khatami, Iranian conservative cleric, one of the scribes of the Iranian Assembly of Experts who has no relationship with the former president, Mohammad Khatami