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Regions with significant populations
• India • Pakistan
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The Khatik (Hindi: खटीक, Urdu: کھٹیک‎) are a caste found in Punjab province in Pakistan and in several states in India. Those in Pakistan are Muslim, while most Indian Khateek are Hindu while there is a small minority in Gujarat and Maharashtra who are Muslim. They are one of the most widespread communities in South Asia. The Hindu Khatik have scheduled caste status in India, while the Muslim Khatik are campaigning for Scheduled Caste status.[1]

Veerwal Movement[edit]

In 1958,[2] a Sthanakvasi Jain, Muni Sameer Muni,[3] came into contact with members of the Khatik community in Udaipur region, who decide to adopt Jainism. Their center, Ahimsa Nagar, located about four miles from Chittorgarh, was inaugurated by Mohanlal Sukhadia in 1966. Sameer Muni termed them Veerwaal, i.e. belonging to Lord Mahavira. A 22-year-old youth, Chandaram Meghwal, was initiated as a Jain monk at Ahore town in Jalore district in 2005[4] and was given the name Anant Punya Maharaj.


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