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Khatkhate Surname[edit]

Khatkhate (खटखटे) is a well-known last name in Saraswat Brahmin (GSB) community hailing from Konkan province of Maharashtra State and the coastal region of Goa in India. Additional information on Khatkhate as surname is available at Khatkhate Wadi link.

Khatkhate Curry[edit]

In Indian Cuisine, Khatkhate (खतखतें) Curry is an exotic mixed vegetable stew of Goan cuisine. This dish is usually prepared for weddings, pujas and during many other occasions. Khatkhate is a Goan and Konkani dish.

Khatkhate Curry is prepared with at least five vegetables, plus grated coconut, jaggery, kokum, tamarind, tirphala/Tepphal (Sichuan pepper- a special spices from Konkan region), dried red chillies, garam masala powder, and turmeric powder. The vegetables include radish (mooli), potato, sweet potato (ratala), carrots, corn on the cob, pumpkins (bhopala), and any seasonal vegetables.

Khatkhate Ladu[edit]

In Konkani Cuisine, Khatkhate Ladu (खटखटे लाडू) is a traditional gourmet delicacy from Malvan, Maharashtra. Khatkhate Ladu are prepared by binding together, in the shape of a baseball, the sugar coated crispy croissants (called "Khaja" by native Konkani population). The specialty of Khatkhate Ladu is that they are very dry, hard and crisp from outside, but contain moist and soft core that is often filled with sugarry syrup inside.